Investing in younger generations

| 08.09.2022

This summer we have conducted two major projects involving young and aspiring students. The first project- allowed students to polish their skills in our company as part of the summer internship programme. The second major project called “Youth-targeted education” works as follows: we pay for student’s education and then recruit them into our company, therefore giving them a great career start c.

Starting from June, we have recruited more than 20 high school students, mostly children of our employees. They took various positions starting from auxiliary production workers up to junior metrology experts. The students have earned their first salaries and gained invaluable work experience.

On top of that, TIRA Corporation recruited 4 students from leading Russian universities under youth-targeted education programme – they will be studying subjects related to our industry and then will be working with us, getting proper job experience in our field of expertise.

We believe that youths hold the key for the present and future success of our company.