107th anniversary of the enterprise

| 01.01.1970

On 29 November 2018, “TIRA” corporation celebrated its 107th anniversary.

Being one of the oldest industrial enterprises of the city, today “TIRA” corporation is proud of its longstanding history and its reputation of a reliable partner both in Russia and abroad sustained by the company’s dedication to continuous development.

Our staff is the heart of the company. They are the future of the whole radio industry. Thus traditionally, the awards to the company’s members were bestowed during the official ceremony on November 29.

Kudriavtsev P.Y, sci-tech laboratory chief, was awarded the “Valorous labour” medal, 1st class. “Honourable labour veteran of the enterprise” title was bestowed on Savelyeva O.V., radio electronics and third category appliances installer.

The names of 20 staff members listed on the honours board were announced. Other 14 were given honorary certificates.

This year 12 specialists received “Honourable employee of the enterprise”, “Best employee by the end of the year”, “Best young specialist by the end of the year” titles.

Furthermore, 44 staff members received honourary certificates and letters of gratitude from the Saint Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations, Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly and Vasileostrovski district administration.

Happy anniversary to the “TIRA” corporation staff!

We appreciate each and every member for their contribution to our company’s development!

We wish you all the best!