High tech equipment for TV & radio broadcasting

MART is one of the leading companies in Russia that designs and manufactures transmitting equipment for digital and analogue TV and radiobroadcasting, as well as equipment for radio communications.

Our extensive experience in developing innovative technologies and know-how enables us to satisfy the needs of the customers and offer comprehensive solutions to TV and broadcasting centres in need of reconstruction or modernisation. We are constantly engaged in research in the field of broadcasting in order to improve the performance parameters of our products, implement new functionalities and provide new technical solutions.


Today the company produces^

∙             Antenna feeder systems for TV and radio stations

∙             Band-pass filters for digital TV

∙             Couplers and combiners

∙             Power dividers

∙             Digital TV transmitters with higher efficiency based on variations of Doherty’s revolutionary circuit

∙             VHF transceivers for ATM

Managing Director