Russian Institute for Power Radioengineering

"RIPR" JSC is the oldest and biggest Russian company with specialization in development, production, delivery, implementation and maintenance of power radio transmitting equipment. The company has an extensive experience in research, development and designing of the modern high-tech equipment; has managed to form its own team of academics and practical professionals that made a significant impact on the development of radio broadcasting in Russia.

During decades of operation both in Russia and abroad, "RIPR" JSC has maintained its standards of producing high quality, exceptionally reliable and efficient equipment due to employing qualified specialists and providing advanced technical solutions. The production line consists of more than 200 types of equipment for HF, MF and LF bands, very low and super-low frequency equipment for various purposes, satisfying the needs of Russian and foreign companies and governmental agencies.

About 60 types of modern equipment are now under development. More than 200 types of products of the above-mentioned range are currently on batch production.

"RIPR" JSC follows a comprehensive approach to all projects that include development, production, certification, installation, supports, upgrading of the supplied equipment, personnel training, installation supervision, implementation, turnkey projects as well as research and analysis.

Moreover, RIPR produces process equipment: generators for various applications in geology and geophysics, cathodic protection systems for ships, floating electrical power stations, oil and gas platforms, equipment for physical research.

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