Electronic equipment production

"Priboy" PJSC is a modern and well-equipped radio electronic equipment production plant.

The main products of the company are radio transmitters of different wave and power bands, as well as power TV and radio broadcasting transmitters operating in analog and digital broadcast form. Modern production facilities and highly qualified employees are the key to success in the production of complex and high-tech products.

Based on the experience of the Komintern Research and Production Company,"Priboy" PJSC and "RIPR" JSC historically interact with each other and are linked by common scientific, engineering and technological and technical approaches to executing production tasks.

"Priboy" PJSC undertakes the task of manufacturing products developed by "RIPR" JSC. The plant has an excellent production and technological base. A number of departments, including design, technological, metrological, CAD, QCD QMS, are shared by both companies. In addition, "Priboy" PJSC develops communication systems for the Navy.

"Priboy" PJSC offers a wide range of services:

  • Machining production,
  • Paint and galvanic production,
  • Site for production of rubber products and press materials,
  • Joinery production,
  • Mounting and assembly production,
  • Transformer production,
  • Metrological service.

Priboy" PJSC is the only company in St. Petersburg producing customized special dry high voltage power transformers based on individual requirements and designed for top performance in harsh climatic conditions as well as able to meet a variety of stringent demands as regards transportation and actual operation of the products.

The facility is fully equipped with a modern automatic assembly line, soldering stations, ultrasonic bath for cleaning of printed circuit assemblies, control and diagnostic devices and instruments, workstations for assembling and crimping of antenna curtains, mast guys, cables, polymeric ropes, workstations for manufacturing and inspection of water cooling systems, etc. It also has a flexible arrangement of workstations in order to enable the creation of modular assembly sites which leads to lower departmental costs and an increase in product quality.

The specialists of the company have created and put into operation DVB-T2 equipment, HF radio communication equipment, ELF/VLF radio communication and many others. The equipment produced by the company is used in many radio and TV broadcasting centers, as well as facilities of civil aviation and fleet, Navy, railways, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, geological prospecting within the country and abroad.

Dozens of years of successful operation both in Russia and abroad have proven the high reliability of the company’s products and the professionalism and commitment of its employees as well as their ability to provide innovative solutions to various scientific and technological challenges.

Merzlov Dmitrii


Managing Director