High tech equipment for TV & radio broadcasting

"MART" JSC is one of the leading companies in Russia whose main aims include development and production of transmitting equipment for digital and analog TV and radiobroadcasting, as well as equipment for radio communication.

The company has developed the first Russian TV transmitter and the first Russian transistor TV transmitter, provided equipment for the first TV centers in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and many other cities, manufactured transmitting equipment for the launch of the Ostankino TV center in Moscow, developed broadcasting stations for VHF FM and put them into mass production.

Another notable achievement was the creation of the first Russian TV transmitter that started broadcasting on July 2, 2000 in Nizhniy Novgorod and the first Russian commercial digital DVB-T/H transmitter operating in St. Petersburg since April 2002.

The company has delivered more than 3000 transmitters and 5,000 units of antenna-feeder equipment to various broadcast points and centers in Russia and other countries.

"MART" JSC produces transmitters of IV and V bands for digital (DVB-T/T2) and analog TV of almost any power level, VHF transmitters for broadcasting in the band from 65.9 - 74 MHz and from 87.5 to 108 MHz, a wide range of antenna-feeder equipment for terrestrial TV and radiobroadcasting including a wide portfolio of antennas, bandpass filters for digital television with critical and non-critical mask, combiners, power dividers, and other elements.

The company’s extensive experience in developing innovative technologies and know-how enable us to satisfy the needs of the customers and offer comprehensive solutions to TV and broadcasting centers in need of reconstruction or equipment. The company is constantly engaged in research in the field of broadcasting and development of new technology to improve the performance parameters of the products, implement new functionalities and provide new technical solutions.

The company produces digital TV transmitters with increased efficiency based on variations of Doherty’s revolutionary circuit. Many types of TV and VHF antennas are broadband (specifically the ones able to operate at any frequency within the FM band, or within the IV-V TV bands). Equipment for the formation of a digital DRM broadcasting signal has also been successfully developed.

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