OJSC "Radio Design"

Development and production of telecommunication and navigation equipment

In July 2013, "Radio Communication Design Bureau" (Sevastopol) joined the "TIRA" Corporation Group of Industrial Companies. It was founded in 1973 as part of Kalmykov Sevastopol radio factory (USSR Ministry of Communications Industry) later known as "Musson" Research and Production company.

In 1979 it became an independent company. During Soviet times Radio Communication Design Bureau offered design, development and support for batch production: HF and MF radio transmitters for civil fleet; radio receivers, VHF radio stations and sonobuoys for the USSR Navy.

Moreover, in cooperation with Komintern Research and Production company, Radio Communication Design Bureau designed and manufactured radio electronic warfare equipment "Strike-K" ("Udar-K"). Radio Communication Design Bureau specialized in design and development of radio communication and navigation equipment: MF/HF transmitters and receivers, satellite communication systems for Inmarsat - A, C, M; automated control systems and communications complexes for onboard use, as well as on mobile units; onshore communication complexes and communication centers as part of communication systems.

The company also undertook a number of research projects on development of safety systems for marine navigation. After the fall of the Soviet Union the company continued operation solely due to the personal enthusiasm of the company managers and international contracts.

In 2013 Radio Communication Design Bureau began the process of integration into "TIRA" Corporation; the integration was completed in 2014 with registration of the Russian legal entity – "Radio Communication Design Bureau" JSC, location – Sevastopol, Russian Federation.

Today, "Radio Communication Design Bureau" JSC offers a wide range of highly competitive radio and navigation equipment; some of the items are completely unique with no analogues or prototypes to be found anywhere in the world. The main area of the company’s expertise is development of HF and VHF tactical communications equipment. It works in close cooperation with St. Petersburg based companies of TIRA Corporation: "RIPR" JSC and "MART" JSC.

Currently, Radio Communication Design Bureau has a production line of digital VHF radio stations (portable, man- and vehicle-carried ones), HF radio stations (20, 150, 400 and 1000 W).

A number of research projects are currently under development; namely ones pertaining to air traffic control services – 100-150 and 220-400 MHz range with digital transmission modes (VDL2 and VDL3), HF radio receivers, external transmission modems for HF radio links.

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