Radio and Television Systems Company

Official sales office in Belarus

Foreign trade and production unitary enterprise "Radio and Television Systems Company" (foreign unitary enterprise) was founded on 27 May 2009 in the Republic of Belarus in Minsk.

Radio and Television Systems Company is an official trade representation of the "Russian Institute for power Radioengineering" JSC and "Mighty Apparatus for Radiobroadcasting and Television" JSC in the Republic of Belarus whose goal is the expansion of international trade and presence on the Belarus and third countries markets. Radio and Television Systems Company together with its partners offer turnkey solutions not only in the Republic of Belarus but also to foreign customers, as well as provide opportunities for future technical support and maintenance.

Apart from finalized solutions, the company undertakes research projects initiated by Belarusian companies on designing television transmitters, FM transmitters and mobile HF radio communication equipment.

The company’s staff has extensive experience in the field of radio broadcasting including operation, technical support and maintenance and personnel training.

Launch of the trade representative in the Republic of Belarus is part of company business development strategy on production facilities expansion, which also involves launching an assembly and production line for transmitting and receiving devices based on research work of "RIPR" JSC and "MART" JSC.

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