Saveliy Zhitomirskiy

Chief Executive Officer

Born on May 13, 1949 in Donetsk.

Graduated from the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications in 1971. Radio engineer.

The whole entirety of the professional life of Saveliy Zhitomirskiy is devoted to "Russian Institute for Power Radioengineering" JSC ("RIPR" JSC) and "Priboy" PJSC, the successors of the Komintern Research and Production Company and part of “TIRA" Corporation.

Over decades of dedicated work he had gradually climbed the career ladder starting from an engineering position and eventually becoming Managing Director/СEO of "RIPR" JSC and "Priboy" PJSC.

Saveliy Zhitomirskiy has made a great contribution to the development and serial production of the high power automated LF, MF and HF radio transmitters for radio communication, radio broadcasting, control systems and other equipment.

Since December 2004 - CEO of "TIRA" Corporation.

Saveliy Zhitomirskiy has won several prestigious state awards and titles of honor.

He is the winner of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology (2006), Honorary Radio Operator of the Russian Federation (2003).

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