Congratulations from the managing director on the 105th company’s anniversary.

TIRA | 05.12.2016

Dear friends!

This year marks the 105th birthday of the Group of Industrial Companies "TIRA" Corporation". The company was founded on the basis of the Kronstadt laboratory of the radio inventor A.S. Popov and started off the development of radio engineering in Russia. On 29 (16) November, 1911 – the Admiralty Council of Russia signed the of "Statement on the radio telegraph laboratory. This date is considered to be the birthday of the first Russian radio developing company which changed several names throughout its history - radio telegraphic factory of the Marine department, Industrial plant of the power radio building, the State National design bureau and Komintern Research & Production Company.

Only few companies in Russia, and across the world, has such a rich heritage, especially given the fact that TIRA’s history is inseparable from the history of Russia, its victories on land and at sea, and achievements of our country during the time of peace. We have every right to say that we have always met the tasks and requirements set by the government and our customers. I’d like to mention also that the company was founded by the government so that the Russian Army and Fleet would not be dependable on the equipment manufactured abroad, and the company immediately attended to the task – supplying Russian Fleet with the Russian-made equipment and for 105 years since it has not failed to do so. A number of distinguished scientists and engineers have worked in the company – the first radio technical compnany in Russia – these are specialists who shaped the future of the radio engineering in Russia. During the long history we have been first to innovate, time and time again, in many areas of technical and scientific developments. Spark transmitters, power vacuum tubes, power radio broadcast transmitters, several generations of power HF transmitting complexes for 100 kW and more, television, radars, radio broadcasting, communications means to deeply submerged submarines, VLF and ELF radio transmitters of up to 2 MW, high power generators for physics research, radio transmitters for standard time signal transmission, air traffic control equipment and lots of other equipmnet initially were developed by our company!

"TIRA" Corporation has an indisputable and universally recognized scientific priority not only in Russia but all over the world. It is difficult to make a full list of what we have achieved during these years. It’s even harder to name all the scientists, engineers and workers who dedicated themselves to the company and their country. And, on this special day on November, 29th we are proud and grateful to acknowledge their service records and great military achievements. During turbulent times of perestroika the company split up but managed to preserver its scientific and production potential and unique scientific school. Hard times has taught us many things and made us stronger. Today the main successors of Komintern Research & Production Company are reunited once more - on a market basis - in the Group of Industrial Companies "TIRA" Corporation".

Managing director Saveliy Zhitomirskiy underlined that: “The Group of Industrial Companies nowadays is successfully developing and we can look with confidence into the future. We are not standing still, we follow the traditions of power radio building. After a considerable break, for the first time since the middle of 1980s, this year our company managed to develop and manufacture a powerful 100 kW automated HF transmitter for long-distance communication and digital broadcasting. That proves the high level of technical training of our specialists and our scientific heritage. The fact that we have such a rich and eventful past places a great responsibility on all of us. It is a difficult and demanding task - to maintain a company’s reputation as a reliable, stable, innovative and developing business, year after year. And there is still much to do and improve in order to follow our motto “relying on traditions, building innovative future”.